How to Change Refresh Rate on Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 series is a smartphone device with a lot of great features. The screen itself is superb, but it is getting so much better with another important feature, such as adaptive refresh rate. With this feature, the refresh rate of your smartphone screen will change automatically based on the running application. If you want to change refresh rate on Galaxy S22, follow the steps below.

change refresh rate on galaxy s22

Samsung Galaxy S22 series has a 120Hz refresh rate, but you might have applications that do not support this high refresh rate. In this circumstance, the refresh rate will go back to standard 60Hz automatically. Nevertheless, you do not waste the best experience of a 120Hz refresh rate. If your smartphone is still in a standard refresh rate setting, you need to switch it to a 120Hz refresh rate by following the steps below.

Steps to change the refresh rate on your Samsung Galaxy S22 series

By mastering the steps to change Refresh rate on Galaxy S22, you can maximize the experience with your smartphone screen.

  • The first step you need to take is to go to the settings on your smartphone. The settings menu is the place where you can find the list of settings and features you can adjust.
  • To change your device refresh rate, you need to tap the Display option. There will be some options under the display settings, including the option of Motion smoothness that you need to choose.

adjust refresh rate galaxy s22

  • Now, you can adjust the refresh rate of your smartphone screen. Two options are available to make the adjustment for the refresh rate. You can choose Adaptive to automatically adjust the screen refresh rate up to 120Hz so you can enjoy smoother scrolling and animations experience. You can also choose the standard option with a 60Hz refresh rate to keep your battery last longer.
  • Last but not least, you can simply tap apply to enjoy a new refresh rate on your Samsung Galaxy S22 display based on your needs and preferences.

Up to 120Hz Refresh Rate

A high refresh rate is an interesting feature that can be found in the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. It can support up to a 120Hz refresh rate. Refresh rate is getting more and more important for smartphone users although it was something important for PC desktop users before.

Refresh rate is the ability of the device screen to alter images every second. A higher refresh rate means smoother alteration between images. There will be no lags on the screen with a high refresh rate.

120hz refresh rate galaxy s22

A screen with a 120Hz refresh rate means that it can refresh the image 120 times every second. The video view will be much smoother when a high refresh rate is combined with the high performance of GPU and CPU on your smartphone.

By knowing how to change Refresh rate on Galaxy S22, you will be able to optimize your smartphone watching experience to be more comfortable and fun. 120 Hz refresh rate is usually applied for a gaming smartphone.

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