How to Enable Dark theme Keyboard on Samsung S22

Enabling a dark theme keyboard requires the best steps. You can activate a dark theme keyboard on the Samsung S22. Then, you need help to change the keyboard’s themes on your new Galaxy S22 from the bright mode to the dark mode. You can apply the following steps to enable dark theme keyboard on Samsung S22.

Steps to enabling a dark theme on Samsung Keyboard

It is similar to the input features in which the Samsung S22 keyboard can adjust. It means that you can change languages, sizes, feedback, layout, and theme. A special symbol can be added if you want to do it. On the flagship of Galaxy S22, Samsung add four different keyboard themes consisting of two bright and dark modes.

enable dark theme keyboard on samsung s22

One has a temporary keyboard and the others don’t. If you dislike default keyboard themes on the new Galaxy S22, you can change the setting of the keyboard and try to apply a dark theme keyboard.

The following steps to enable dark theme keyboard on Samsung S22 can help you to change the dark mode on your new Samsung S22. You can run it in the same android version. The menu and screen look different from a device model and operator.

  • Switching Up

The first step to start is moving and switching up. You can switch it from the bottom of the main screen to access an application display. You will see an application icon or a different shortcut control. It helps you to enter it.

  • Click a Setting Icon

If you want to continue it, you can click the icon of the setting to continue it.

s22 keyboard settings

  • Scrolling Down and Up

Another way is scrolling down or up to see the other items. Then, you can click general management. Another menu will open. Then, it loads the general setting and features such as language, text, date, time, keyboard setting, and the others.

  • Clicking Samsung Keyboard Setting

To manage it, you can click a keyboard setting on your phone. The relevant setting and options will contain the menu of the Samsung keyboard.

  • Scrolling Down and Up Again

Then, you should scroll down to see the other options and select theme. You will see the current and available keyboard themes on the screen.

galaxy s22 keyboard theme

  • Changing Theme

A default theme can manage to be light. To move a dark theme keyboard, you can select a dark or solid dark theme. A keyboard preview will automatically display on the bottom screen after you select a theme. To see the real keyboard display, you can launch a typing application or any application requiring keyboard entry.

The Samsung keyboard theme has high dark contrast. You can use this feature to give a new look and color to the Samsung keyboard. Those ways how to enable dark theme keyboard on Samsung S22 are helpful to change the light to the dark theme.

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