How to Force Stop Apps on Galaxy S22 when Frozen

Force stop apps on Galaxy S22 should be the last thing to do when users find out that the phone doesn’t work and the app freezes. But, whenever it is not necessary, then it is recommended to close each app, one at a time. This is to ensure that the phone processor doesn’t have to load too many apps at the same time. It doesn’t bring lots of influences for short time. But when users ignore this for a long time, it can be a problem.

Most users click the HOME button when they leave their phone. While the Samsung Galaxy series, particularly the S22, has such a great processor, it should be avoided in the first place. Whenever a phone has several apps open, the processor is working hard, particularly when the apps connect to the internet all the time like WhatsApp or Instagram. Users should close the app first, before they click the HOME button, in order to let the processor have a ‘rest’.

Steps to force stop apps on Galaxy S22; don’t do this too frequently

As it was mentioned before, users should close each app after they finish using it. Or else, users will find out that all the opened apps are stuck and cannot work. It rarely happens to Galaxy S22. But, when it happens, the users need to make a thorough cleaning.

They don’t have to restore the factory setting. But, they can use some apps to clean the phone, like Ccleaner, and other kinds of phone cleaner apps. So, if you are one of those users who experience this problem, then you can try some of these methods.

force stop apps on galaxy s22

First of all, you can go directly to Settings. Then find Apps. Afterward, choose the app that you need to stop right away. Then choose the menu Force Stop.

It seems easy and problem-free. But, users might face difficulties in the interface of the setting. The Force Stop menu will stop any app that users want during the current session of the phone. Some apps freeze due to various reasons. First, they are not compatible with the phone. Second, they might require a bigger processor to appear normally. Third, the apps are contaminated with viruses or malware.

But, whenever the app is bothering you, then it is best to remove it or uninstall it. This is because the app will be relaunched when users only choose Force Stop. It depends on how users need this app. Whenever it is not necessary and consumes too much battery, then they can uninstall it.

Check out the background Apps that might be interfering

Users need to force stop apps whenever there are too many apps that are running in the background. They consume several resources that can make the phone slow down significantly. When it happens, users can directly choose Settings. Find Developer Options. Then, they can find the Running Services menu. When there are too many apps running, then there will be frequent issues on battery and memory.

Keep in mind that running apps don’t only apply to Play Store apps. While some apps from Google Play Store really consume the very high energy of the phone’s battery, some users neglect the opened tabs on their Google Chrome. Those tabs can also consume too much battery power.

All in all, if you plan to force stop apps on Galaxy S22, you need to make sure that the apps are still important. Or else, you’d better remove them so your phone doesn’t have too much burden. The system resource of Android will not capable to handle too many apps working at the same time, for a long time. Besides, users will need to extend the battery by keeping only important apps that are running.

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