How to Reset Galaxy S22 Setting Without Deleting Any Data

Do you have a problem when trying to reset the configuration on your Galaxy S22? If so, you don’t have to worry anymore. This guide is created to specifically solve your very problems. Despite the top-notch hardware, Samsung Galaxy S22 is still very prone to software glitches and errors. Resetting the configuration might solve your problem. So, here’s how to reset Galaxy S22 setting without deleting your saved data.

reset galaxy s22 setting

Reset the Galaxy S22 configuration settings

Galaxy S22 is one of the best Android phones on the market. With the latest hardware and software, the performance is one of the best money can buy. However, after a while, you might notice that your Galaxy S22 performs much slower than when it’s new. One of the reasons behind the slow performance is software bugs or glitches.

For that reason, you have to reset your phone to restore its performance. However, factory resetting or wipe cache partition your phone would delete your saved files and data. So, we propose that you perform a configuration reset first. Unlike factory reset, setting configuration reset won’t delete any data on your phone. Here’s the easy way to reset your Galaxy S22 settings.

  • Open the Settings. To do this, you can either open the App screen or scroll down the quick access panel.
  • Once you do that, scroll down or search for “General Management” .

reset all setting galaxy s22

  • From the “General Management” tap “Reset“.
  • Select “Reset all settings” then tap “Reset Settings“.

reset all setting samsung s22

  • Enter your phone’s PIN number if prompted.
  • Confirm your action by pressing “Reset” again.

Why you should reset your phone

Reset is one of many commands that you can find on various devices, including Android smartphones. In its basic definition, resetting a device means restoring the device to its default state. Depending on which type of reset, this process might wipe your entire data on your phone. Therefore, for some people, resetting a phone is a frightening experience.

However, there are some good things that you can get from resetting your phone. First, resetting your phone will get rid of any glitches and persistent bugs. As you might know, glitches and bugs in the system will cause several problems, such as constant freeze, or slow performance. Besides, there is no better feeling than having your phone perform smoothly.

Resetting your phone could also eliminate small issues related to data. Small corrupt data on the app’s cache could potentially ruin the smartphone’s performance. So, rather than pinpoint the possible cause, some people prefer resetting their phones entirely.

It is highly advised that you backup your data first before performing a factory reset. Luckily, most Android devices are equipped with cloud service which allows users to upload their data to online servers. It is also advised that you perform a setting configurations reset first to see whether the problem can be solved this way.

So, those are the steps on how to reset Galaxy S22 settings without deleting data. Configuration reset won’t delete any of your saved files and data. So, you don’t have to perform a data backup before resetting your Galaxy S22’s setting.

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