Samsung Galaxy S22 Release Date Rumored with Massive Camera Upgrade

Samsung will release Samsung Galaxy S22 series in January 2022. That is only one year apart from the release of the S21 series back then in January 2021. The short amount of time doesn’t deter Samsung from installing many upgrades for the upcoming phones.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 series will have the latest Snapdragon chipset from Qualcomm. It also possibly will have new hardware from AMD. So you can be sure that you can work and play games at ease using the latest S22 series.

However, many are doubtful that Samsung will have new hardware with AMD. The collaboration is recent and thus won’t be showing anything this soon. However, the same analysts think that the tech giant needs to improve the image processing quality. The S22 series also will be the first phone to have an Android 12-based OS.

galaxy s22 release date

Even though the S22 series will receive a battery capacity bump, the dimension of the handset will be smaller. The S22 regular and S22 plus will be smaller by about 0.5 inches than their current counterparts. S22 Ultra is the only one that retains the 6.81-inch size.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra also will get an LTPO display and internal heater fan to work on the battery usage and heating problem many users have reported.

The top-end model also will get a 45w fast charge.  And it’s still unclear if you need to get a new charger for the S22 Ultra, or how safe the 25w charger from the current model is to work on the latest handset.

Samsung Galaxy S22 with hi-end camera specs

A report mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will receive a bump on the camera. Instead of the 108MP like in the S21 series, S22 will get a 200MP camera. However, some fans disagree and think that a 200MP is not necessary. Those fans think that Samsung should focus on their AI.

Many analysts include Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra into their best phone camera list. However, the 108MP camera still couldn’t beat Google Pixel 5 or even iPhone 12 Pro Max with their 12MP camera.

galaxy s22 ultra camera

At the moment, Samsung is lacking in image processing. The images taken with a Samsung phone are still less sharp and take a long time to process. The images also take a lot of storage space. For example, taking a picture using the 108MP sensor will produce at least a 30MB picture size.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series will have up to 1TB storage space. You may think that’s enough for hundreds of pictures and videos. However, many still think that the phone still needs expandable storage.

The rumors about Samsung Galaxy S22 camera are the ones that are often conflicting with each other. One report starting that the S22 series will have a 200MP camera, made by Olympus. And not long after another report mention that Samsung dropped the idea and choose to refine the 108MP camera in the current S21 Ultra.

Some analysts think that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may have one lens too many. That is because the current floating rumors mentioned that S22 Ultra will have continuous zoom. That is an upgrade from the current model in S21 Ultra that only has 3x and 10x optical zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S-Pen

Just like its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be compatible with an S-Pen. However, it’s still unclear if Samsung will design a slot for S-Pen on the handset.

Another thing to consider is the price. It’s because you will only receive the handset inside the box. You can get other accessories such as Samsung Buds, charger, and S-Pen separately.

However, many people think that Samsung Galaxy S22 series will have a similar pricing scheme with its current S21 counterpart. Samsung is employing this strategy to keep its user base.

Seeing so many upgrades ready for the phone, you may think that Samsung doesn’t have enough time to install everything. Anyway, Samsung has put the Galaxy S22 series for the first quarter 2022 release. You can get your hands on the latest Samsung flagship phone at the earliest of January 2022, or March 2022 at the latest. It will be interesting how Samsung Galaxy S22 series will hold up to other flagship phones such as iPhone 13 that comes earlier.

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