How to Schedule Text Message on Galaxy S22 Series

You might be strange with the concept of scheduling a text message. However, it turns out to be very handy. Scheduled text messages allow you to delay sending a text message. Perhaps you want to avoid disturbing the text receivers when you text them during nighttime. Maybe you just want to write an urgent text in case you’re extremely busy that day. So, without further ado, here’s how to schedule text message on Galaxy S22.

schedule text message on galaxy s22

Steps to schedule text message on your Galaxy S22

Contrary to popular belief, making a scheduled text message doesn’t require complicated steps. If you own an Android phone, you can do this with ease. To make a schedule text message on your Galaxy S22, you can do it on the native Samsung Messages app or Google Messages. Regardless of the app that you’ll use, the steps are not complicated at all.

  • To make a scheduled message via Samsung Messages, you have to:
    • Open the Samsung Messages App. Then, select a receiver contact and start writing the message but don’t send it.
    • Tap and hold the send button.

schedule text message samsung s22

    • After a moment, the “Schedule send” pop-up window will appear.
    • Set the time and date to determine when you wish the message to be sent.

schedule text message samsung s22 ultra

    • Tap the Send button, which now has a small clock icon to indicate this is a scheduled text and the message will be sent at the scheduled time.
  • To make a scheduled message via Google messages, you have to:
    • Select and hold the Send button. After a while, the Schedule send option will pop out.
    • You can either choose the preset time or customize your own date and time. To do the latter, select “Pick date and time.”
    • Set your desired time and select the Send button. The Send button will be marked with a clock icon to indicate that the message is scheduled.

It’s worth noting that Google messages are not available for everyone yet. So, you might be unable to do this on your Samsung Galaxy S22. But, if you want to use this app, you can open the Google Play Store and search for Google Messages. You can register for their beta program to use the app.

Why do you want to schedule your message?

The scheduled text feature is advantageous for forgetful smartphone users. Scheduled text messages allow you to set a reminder to your loved ones for important events, such as birthdays. As previously mentioned, scheduled text messages are handy if you just happen to be very busy that day. Using a scheduled text, your friends and colleagues could remind you of various important tasks.

So, those are the steps to schedule text messages on Galaxy S22. To sum up, the scheduled text message is useful as a reminder and tool to delay your messages. After knowing how to use it, feel free to use this feature in your Samsung Galaxy S22. Use this feature properly and your life will be guaranteed to be easier.

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