How to Set Individual Ringtones on Samsung S22 Series

Galaxy S22 is one of the most favorite Samsung series. It has some advanced specifications making you use this smartphone satisfyingly. You can set an individual ringtone on Samsung S22. It makes you comfortable when you have a unique ringtone helping you to identify who’s calling. You can do this easily with the ways on how to set individual ringtones on Samsung S22. These ways are helpful to change ringtones.

Steps to set individual ringtones on Samsung S22

This tutorial will show the ways of setting individual ringtones to a particular contact in your Samsung devices. If you don’t want to use one of the default ringtones, you can play and load music files to your Samsung. Then, you can use it to make ringtones. To copy music files from your personal computer to your Samsung smartphone you can read it more.

set individual ringtones on samsung s22

You will not use downloaded songs or kinds of music from streaming applications like Spotify. Though the download files save temporarily on your device, streaming services have limited requirements limiting the use of songs for users. For example, it is banned to be ringtones. If you use audio or music files to be an individual ringtone, make sure that you download it to be a separate music file to a Samsung device.

These are some ways how to setting up the ringtones

  • You need to set an individual ringtone to your contact.

When you do this way, it requires 2 minutes. The time starts from the early step to the end of setting individual ringtones.

  • Selecting Contact 

Then, you need to open a contact application. You can find the contact application on the main screen or open it. You choose a contact. Then, click a particular contact that you want to apply a personal ringtone to.


assign personal ringtone on galaxy s22

  • Clicking Detail 

Another way is clicking details then tap “View more” and then scroll down and tap “Ringtone”.

  • Clicking Edit

You can click Edit on the bottom of the screen. You can edit the songs that you set in contacts. Then, you can see more. If you don’t see this screen or option, you can miss it and continue to the next step.

assign personal ringtone on samsung galaxy s22

  • Selecting Your Favorite Ringtone

After you click Edit, you choose ringtones. You can scroll down and find ringtones and also can adding ringtones. You can select the application that you want to get music files from. Choose audio files to be individual ringtones. Then, click the sign of + on the top right side. After that, click sound chooser and choose it. Next, choose music or default ringtones to be your ringtones to your contact.

  • Finish 

After you select your favourite ringtone, it is time to click Finish or Complete. You can click it on the right top side. Then, click Save. The button Save is on the downside.

Those are some steps on how to set individual ringtones on Samsung S22. You can follow those easy steps for having unique ringtones on your Samsung S22 android.

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